surfing in lovely spots in Morocco :...
ericooo (Adresse IP journalisée) - jeu. 20 février 2003 20:10:10

Hello Surfwomen, surfmen, bodyborders and friends,

As Salam Alekoum from your surfers friends in Morocco,
in lovely spots, good swell in the clean environment.
The natural fun is in Morocco! ;-))
Bouchaïb & Eric are the professional surf teachers.
We organize surf training trip in differents spots.
We can guarantee minimum 10 differents spots per week
and the special secret spots for a long tripers...$

For more informations please contact Bouchaïb and Eric
directly by an e-mail at :
or by phone at :

Thanking for your attention.
Best Regards Bouchaïb and Eric.

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